My name is Magdalena Saito and I want to see you live a healthy, balanced life.

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The business came to pass as a way to practice my schooling while starting on a road of life. Having moved from the big city to a small town was a big change, getting married and having children while working on my CHT designation was no easy feat, but now the years have culminated to the start of a new adventure I hope you will be a part of.

Working from home to provide information, education, alternative therapies and more to help those who come to me in any way we can. I am also staying home to raise my family, so please book in advance as my schedule may fill up quickly. 

Education and Training

2006 - Completed the Chartered Herbalist course from Dominion Herbal College

2008-2010 - Completed the Holistic Health Practitioner Training from Grant MacEwan University

2014 - Completed Bach Flower Remedy Course - Online from the Training Institute

2011-2015 - Completed the Clinical Herbal Therapist Training from Dominion Herbal College with onsite clinical training at various clinics under direct supervision by Medical Herbalists.

2015 - Received my Registered Herbal Therapist Designation

2016 - Received my Doctorate of Natural Medicine Designation

2017 - Certified in Live Blood Analysis & Dry Blood Analysis & Applied Nutritional Microscopy

Other courses and continuing education occur on a weekly basis - these new skills will be updated in a list at a later time to showcase the various training methods used and considered when aiding a client. 



8+ Years Experience

Delivering Holistic Health Solutions

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Doctorate in Natural Medicine (DNM)

The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners Certified

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Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP)

from Grant MacEwan University


Clinical Herbal Therapist (CHT)

Registered with the Canadian Herbalist’s Association of BC

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Bach Flower Remedy Course

Completed online from the Training Institute


Dominion Herbal College Training

Completed the Chartered Herbalist course, and the Clinical Herbal Therapist Training, with onsite clinical training at various clinics under direct supervision by Medical Herbalists.