During a Consultation with Maggie,

you are getting the training of a Clinically trained Herbalist Therapist, Chartered Herbalist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Doctorate of Natural Medicine and more. Years of various Holistic and Alternative Health Care Practices are integrated to work for your benefit.



What is a Consultation?

A consultation is recommended for those searching for help with any health concerns.

A session can take up to two hours as it entails going over or filling out an intake, in depth questions to get a true and full understanding of you as an individual as to help ascertain the best way to provide support, as well as any necessary physical examinations..

During the consult there may be further investigations preformed of a clinical nature including but not limited to the use of blood pressure cuffs, stethoscope, eye charts, musculoskeletal exams and more. (Clinical examinations are undertaken only if the health problem and history warrant them and, the client agrees for them to be done)

After your consult, the next day you will receive a plan, and various recommendations that enable you to choose your health plan, at your pace.

Recommendations may include teas, tinctures, supplements, body work or others. 

Please be sure to bring all your vitamins / supplements / prescription medicines / or Over the counter medications that you currently use, or use throughout the year. Should we recommend any herbal teas, capsules, tinctures or formulas, we want to be certain there will be no contraindications or potential interactions.


How to Book a Consultation

CONTACT US - either by e-mail  or phone- be sure to take time and download and complete send back the intake forms before your appointment
Appointments are available evenings (5:30 p.m. on) and weekends - be sure to let us know if there are certain days that work best for you, and understand that booking could be weeks away depending on availability*.

If you are intending to book a consultation on behalf of someone else consider buying a gift certificate of a consult or an amount so that person can use it as their convenience.

* Please be advised we have a 24 hour cancellation policy - if you simply do not show up for an appointment or cancel an hour or less before (unforeseen circumstances aside) there may be a fee applied to your next visit if the time slot cannot be filled

** If you would like to be put on our cancelation list please mention so when booking your appointment

How to Book an Online or Phone Consultation

To have a consult over the phone please book and make a note that it will be over the phone – Please provide your phone number and any area codes that may be necessary as well as who will be taking the appointment.  The call will be made from my end so no long distance charges should not be incurred on your behalf. Phone consults because they are both mobile and can be accessed while even when away from my office space, meaning that booking times are also more flexible. If you would like a session to be had at a certain time not available on the booking calendar, simply contact us and if it can be arranged it will be.

For SKYPE – please provide your skype name when booking, and  accept my friend request – if for any reason you do not see a request at least one day before your appointment please contact us (if we have not contacted you already) to make sure we will have no troubles making a connection.

What is the Cost of a Consultation?


As of January 2017, the Sessions cost is $110 and may last up to 2 hours - depending on your circumstances.  Physical assessments may be necessary, so please wear comfortable clothing.


After your Initial Consult, I will follow up with you briefly to provide you the details of your sessions and your suggestions. Any follow up appointments after the initial session are to gauge progress and to make alterations to the health plan, they are usually requested by me to start, thereafter followed by your own desires to have 'check ins' or make changes or gauge progress. There are no set amount of follow ups that are required.

For some clients a follow up occurs more frequently because they have chosen a health path that requires a more hands including education, workshops, walkthroughs etc.

For reservations or information:

Available in Vanderhoof BC - Surrey BC - Edmonton AB - Stettler AB

After booking your appointment, please fill out the following form:

Please complete this intake form, and return it prior to your appointment to save time.

Please check with your health insurance, or extended health to see if you have coverage for Natural Therapy services. There is paperwork available to send into your company. 


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