What can I expect from a Reflexology Session?

A safe haven where we address your health concerns and care for your body, mind, and soul.

A Session lasts 45 min - 1 hour and as a client, you would rest upon a massage table or floating chair (commonly preferred by those with a more limited mobility) with warm covers and various pillows to make you comfortable. Often you will be surrounded by music; a fireplace may warm your feet, salt lamps, essential oil diffusing throughout the room, and as always, we attempt to provide a safe and healing space. 

Our sessions all include the use of a PEMF mat which clients have found to be very beneficial and or feels great. If you'd like more information please click  here .

Our sessions all include the use of a PEMF mat which clients have found to be very beneficial and or feels great. If you'd like more information please click here.

We use a variety of lotions, creams, body butters and essential oils of therapeutic grade to provide a luxurious, relaxing and enjoyable session.
You will choose to have the practitioner work on your hands or feet (99% of bookings are for feet)

The practitioner will ask, but please advise if you have any sensitivities, allergies, special accommodations, are pregnant, are on any dose specific medications or have varicose veins - these just require a change in the protocol used and reflex points touched.

Often clients with chronic problems find great relief with repeated sessions, based on your concerns you may wish to come weekly, monthly or as needed (as booking allows). Others enjoy a session for the purpose of relaxation, giving a gift to themselves and de-stressing after a tiresome day (we've even had patients fall asleep on the table).



How do I book a Reflexology Session?

Contact us - either by e-mail  or phone- be sure to take time and download and complete send back the intake forms before your appointment
Appointments are available evenings (5:30 p.m. on) and weekends - be sure to let us know if there are certain days that work best for you, and understand that booking could be weeks away depending on availability*.

If you are intending to book an appointment on behalf of someone else, consider buying a gift certificate of a consult or an amount so that person can use it as their convenience.

* Please be advised we have a 24 hour cancellation policy - if you simply do not show up for an appointment or cancel an hour or less before (unforeseen circumstances aside) there may be a fee applied to your next visit if the time slot cannot be filled

** If you would like to be put on our cancelation list, please mention so when booking your appointment.

What is the Cost of a Reflexology Session?


3 SESSIONS • $185

5 SESSIONS • $285

12 SESSIONS • $640

For appointments or information:

Available in Vanderhoof BC - Surrey BC - Edmonton AB - Stettler AB

After booking your appointment, please fill out the following form:

Please complete this intake form, and return it prior to your appointment to save time.

Please check with your health insurance, or extended health to see if you have coverage for Natural Therapy services. There is paperwork available to send into your company. 


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